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Narrowcasting: Communicate effectively!

Narrowcasting is the broadcasting of information on modern screens. In narrowcasting, information (either in text, image or video) is displayed on screens on location. This is aimed at a specific audience in a specific location. FunZone offers the opportunity to interact with our guests through the narrowcasting system, through our advertising opportunities. The size of the advertisement depends on the screen(s) at the particular location. The screens hang in prominent and the most visible places. The advertising is a fixed part of the broadcast of the location and is shown on the screen next to the content of the location, alternating with media of the other sponsors.

Advertising through our narrowcasting offers the following advantages:

  • Communicate effectively.
  • Visible year-round at the relevant location(s).
  • Visibility among many different audiences.
  • Regional or national advertising opportunities.
  • Low threshold and inexpensive.
  • Advertising in a recreational environment has a positive connotation, positively influencing an organization's brand image among guests.


Our rates are listed below; these may change on an annual basis. Rates depend on the size of the location(s) involved and the number of screens. Advertising entry starts at the beginning of each quarter.

Small locations

  • 1 screen € 120
  • 2-3 screens: € 240
  • 4+ screens: € 480

Medium locations

  • 1 screen: € 400
  • 2-3 screens: € 550
  • 4+ screens: € 700

Large locations

  • 1 screen: € 700
  • 2-3 screens: € 850
  • 4+ screens: € 1.000

The locations are categorized on the basis of visitor numbers.

More information?

E-mail your details to [email protected] and we will contact you - no strings attached.