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Okke & Pi

Hi! We are Okke the bear and Pi the alien and we love going on adventures together! Okke lives in a forest on Earth and loves pancakes. Pi is a female alien, she races her rocket past different planets. Pi has a magical feeler on her head that allows her to make all sorts of things fly.

When Pi flies her rocket through the universe one day, something unexpected happens. Pi’s rocket is completely out of fuel. She shoots down at a brisk speed and finally comes down to earth.

Okke was eating pancakes in the forest, enjoying himself, when suddenly he sees a flash of light. What could that be? He watches the flash of light descend. Okke is so curious that he drops his pancakes on the forest floor, grabs his backpack and goes looking for the flash of light. It is quite an adventure for Okke to get to the place where the flash of light landed. He has to climb over a volcano, open a locked gate, crawl through a small tunnel, and build a staircase out of blocks.

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Suddenly, Okke spots a big rocket standing in the grass. A small green creature sits next to it: it’s Pi. Okke wants to shake her hand, but she has no hands, she only has a green feeler. Pi is sad. Her rocket has run out of fuel and she has forgotten what the right fuel is. She asks Okke to help her. He is only too happy to do so. They try all kinds of things for fuel. Wood, leaves, flowers and even sand, but nothing works. What should they do now? It's late and they don't have any food left either. But Okke had brought his backpack with a few more pancakes for the road. He decides to share them with Pi. 

A bird spooks Pi and - oops! Her pancake ends up in the rocket. But to their great surprise, the rocket begins to make noise again. Okke & Pi found the fuel. Pi's rocket runs on pancakes! Now they are going to look for the ingredients to make enough fuel for the rocket. When they have found all the ingredients and the rocket is ready to fly again, Pi asks Okke if he wants to come along too. 

Together, Okke and Pi get into the rocket and start the engine, flying off to another adventure. Would you like to join Okke and Pi on their adventure? Come play at one of our FunZone locations. 

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