Children's Party of Your Dreams Image

Win Your the Children's Party of Your Dreams

Every quarter, we give away the children’s party of your dreams

Have you always wanted:

  • To have a meet-and-greet with your favorite athlete or influencer?
  • A Pokémon-themed party or a Princess-themed party with real princesses?
  • To throw a soccer party at your favorite soccer club?
  • Your favorite Paw Patrol hero to visit?
  • To do a super cool but expensive activity?
  • To invite your whole class to your party?
  • To spend the night at a Trampoline Park or indoor Playground?

Then let us know below what your the Children's Party of Your Dreams looks like and who knows, you might become the winner of the dream party we're organizing for you.

De inschrijfperiode voor dit kwartaal is afgelopen, je kunt je dus niet meer inschrijven. Volgend kwartaal volgt weer een nieuwe editie van het Droom Kinderfeestje!