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Management buy out of Optisport leisure activities

Optisport has sold its leisure activities under the Avontura and Krazy Kangaroo brand names to Martijn Beekhuizen, Sabrina van Eck and Erwin van Iersel effective October 1, 2020. All three of them worked for years in various positions at Optisport and are therefore very familiar with the leisure activities.

The sale creates a 100% leisure company consisting of 11 children's playgrounds and 6 trampoline parks. "Of course it is a challenging time to start a new company, but we are confident that it will work out" said Sabrina van Eck who will be responsible for the commercial activities. "Martijn will be in charge of operations and Erwin will do finance and IT. The big advantage is that the company can be managed as a real leisure company with the KPIs that go with it. For our guests, we will focus on playing and learning in a challenging environment. All 230 employees who currently work at Avontura and Krazy Kangaroo will remain employed with their own company."

"It feels like a huge adventure that we are about to embark on. I was involved in Optisport in Enschede from its very first leisure activity, and I’m delighted that we may now continue with this company," said Martijn Beekhuizen.

Erwin van Iersel: "It’s great that the shareholders of Optisport gave us the chance to do this. We have the ambition to make it a fun and great company. Of course, corona is a challenge, but in the medium term this is an activity where young and old love to come and unwind."

For questions in response to this news: Sabrina van Eck: 06-46246615.